Every day, employers find themselves faced with employee/labor relations issues. These issues can include a union organizing attempt that threatens the direct employer-employee relationship, collective bargaining negotiations, or arbitrating a grievance.

The employer may be faced with even more complex labor situations, such as a corporate campaign where a union wages a full-scale public campaign that may focus on customers, investors and/or board members in an attempt to force recognition of the union or concessions to bargaining demands.

At the other extreme, an employer may believe they are doing the proper things, but want an outsider to assess the employee relations climate to help maintain a direct relationship with employees. Regardless of what the need may be, SHM Consulting will analyze the situation and work with the employer to develop and execute the appropriate strategy to address the issue.

With thirty-five years’ experience in the labor/employee relations field, SHM offers the expertise an organization needs to deal with issues.